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Electro / Mechanical Assemby

The PMI Group offers the convenience and security of dealing with just one vendor to supply complete electro-mechanical assemblies. Integrating precision-machined components with electronics, a highly trained staff works closely with client engineers to meet specific design requirements. The PMI Group has extensive experience in the management and ERP guided tracking of multi-leveled BOMs with complex assembly processes.

Sample Projects

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  • Complex electro-mechanical sub-systems such as optical assemblies with multiple-magnification systems and pattern recognition capabilities are built and tested in our optics department. Bonding of optical components (lenses, beam-splitters and mirrors, etc.) is performed using optical quality adhesives, with “Micro Dot” dispensing and UV curing equipment.
  • Other electro-mechanical sub-systems include linear-motion assemblies, with “X” and “Y” positioning systems and optical scale encoders for use in high-speed and high-accuracy equipment, which are built, inspected, and packaged in our linear-motion department. Each assembly is inspected for perpendicularity, parallelism, and co-planarity to .0001” accuracy.
  • Cables and wire harnesses, stranded as well as ribbon, are assembled and 100% tested using programmable testing equipment. Antistatic and ESD requirements are met, and all assemblies are built in a clean environment to produce end products that are virtually contamination free.