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506 Stump Road, Montgomeryville, PA 18936, USA

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Semiconductor Domain

The PMI Group provides manufacturing and engineering services and maintains strategic alliances with the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor equipment wire bonding assembly equipment.

Proven Track Record & Value Added Services

  • Partner closely with clients at all stages of the design and build process providing extensive engineering services, design for manufacturability support, prototyping and development, and reliable production (CNC machining and electro-mechanical assembly) through kanban and vendor managed inventory systems.
  • Extensive experience precision machining and assembling complex systems including X-Y table sub-systems and optics assemblies with pattern recognition capabilities.
  • Transducor technology and components.
  • Successfully develop machining processes for highly engineered materials such as metal matrix composites with up to 30% silicon carbide content.
  • PMI is a vertical integrations supplier that supplies complex electro-mechanical systems and modules for semiconductor equipment.